Websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds I follow (links included)-

Mises.org – daily articles, book store, event information, lots of free content // Twitter // Facebook

Lewrockwell.com – daily news articles/political blog // Twitter // Facebook

The Libertarian Institute – misc. topics from a libertarian perspective // Twitter // Facebook

FEE.org – articles and reprinted ebooks on a variety of topics // Twitter // Facebook

I, Pencil – (video) introduction to free market economics; based on the essay by FEE founder Leonard Reed

The Libertarian Christian Institute – also see their peer-reviewed journal The Christian Libertarian Review

FFF.org – daily articles and other media // Twitter // Facebook

Libertarian Papers – online peer-reviewed journal

David S. D’Amato on Twitter – anarchist, writer for Cato and others.

Laurence Vance – anti-war from a Christian perspective // a list of his books and articles

Tom Woods – New York Time’s bestselling author // Twitter // Facebook // Podcast // Liberty Classroom (inexpensive adult lectures in history, philosophy and political science taught by college professors)

Ron Paul Institute and Liberty Report – anti-war, limited government, monetary policy // Facebook and Twitter

Daniel McAdams on Twitter – director of Ron Paul institute, foreign policy guru

Antiwar.com – American foreign policy // Twitter // Facebook

Justin Raimondo on Twitter – editor at Antiwar.com and author of several books, including a biography of Murray Rothbard

Scott Horton – editor at The Libertarian Institute, foreign policy expert // most recent book about the War in Afghanistan // Twitter // collection of interviews