I started this blog in 2014 as an outlet to discuss the new ideas I was exploring; ideas on political philosophy, economics, and a renewed approach to Christianity. After awhile I started submitting some of these essays to various outlets and was able to publish some of them.  Since then, my website has mostly been a place to host my published work, but I still occasionally write original essays here (lucky you!).

With a convert’s zeal, I think originally I expected everyone to magically come to the same conclusions I had: on politics, economics, religion, and life in general. Of course, this isn’t the way it works, nor would we want it so. So rather than screaming into the wilderness (i.e. Facebook), I thought it better to put these notes of mine into an online bottle and let them float through the intellectual atmosphere.

I write about history, economics, voting, electoral politics, and political philosophy. I’m studying for a PhD in American intellectual history and modern political philosophy, and hoping to write my dissertation over the way Americans have understood and used the term “democracy” in different ways since 1900. Is democracy more than just voting? How can so many political groups claim to be the real champions of democracy? Is a democracy the same thing as a republic? Should we desire a “popular” democracy? These are just a few questions I hope to focus on in my research.

I’ve written essays for the Mises Institute, Libertarianism.org (a project of the Cato Institute), the Libertarian Christian Institute, the Foundation for Economic Education, and the Libertarian Institute, and published my first peer-reviewed article in the Christian Libertarian Review in the summer of 2020.

So play some music and stick around for a minute. (or don’t…you’re not being detained).