Websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds I follow (links included)-

Mises.org – daily articles, book store, event information, free ebooks and PDFs // Twitter // Facebook

Lewrockwell.com – daily news articles/political blog // Twitter // Facebook

The Libertarian Institute – misc. topics from a libertarian perspective // Twitter // Facebook

The American Conservative – usually good on foreign policy and traditional conservatism

Former editor Daniel McCarthy on Twitter

Michael Tracey – politics and foreign policy journalist, find him on Twitter

FEE.org – articles and reprinted ebooks on a variety of topics // Twitter // Facebook

I, Pencil – (video) introduction to free market economics; based on the essay by FEE founder Leonard Reed

The Libertarian Christian Institute – also see their peer-reviewed journal The Christian Libertarian Review

Reason Magazine – Editor Matt Welch on Twitter, and Nick Gillespie

FFF.org – daily articles and other media // Twitter // Facebook

Libertarian Papers – online peer-reviewed journal

David S. D’Amato on Twitter – anarchist, writer for Cato and others.

Laurence Vance – anti-war from a Christian perspective // a list of his books and articles

Tom Woods – New York Time’s bestselling author // Twitter // Facebook // Podcast // Liberty Classroom (inexpensive adult lectures in history, philosophy and political science taught by college professors)

Economists Robert Murphy, Peter Klein, and Per Bylund on Twitter

Ron Paul Institute and Liberty Report – anti-war, limited government, monetary policy // Facebook and Twitter

Daniel McAdams on Twitter – director of Ron Paul institute, foreign policy expert

Antiwar.com – American foreign policy // Twitter // Facebook

Justin Raimondo on Twitter – editor at Antiwar.com and author of several books, including a biography of Murray Rothbard

Scott Horton – editor at The Libertarian Institute, foreign policy expert // most recent book about the War in Afghanistan // Twitter // collection of interviews