Publications & Presentations

Peer & Editor Review

  • Reading Red Emma: A Critique of Liberal Democracy in America,” Blog, Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.
  • “Cultural Libertarianism and the Judeo-Christian Tradition in Murray Rothbard, Bob Dylan, and Woody Allen,” The Christian Libertarian Review vol. 3 (2020): 19-58.
  • “State Parks of Texas,” online exhibit for, a digital history project of Sam Houston State University (Spring 2015).

Book Reviews 

Conference Presentations & Guest Lectures 

  • “Against Memorization: Teaching Concepts and Skills in the Humanities,” Professional Development Conference, Collin College, Frisco, Texas (Jan. 2022).
  • “Framing the Anti-Democratic Tradition in American Thought,” Graduate Student Speaker Series, University of Texas-Dallas, Richardson, Texas (Nov. 2021).
  • “‘A Threat to our Democracy’: Anti-Democratic Thought in America Since the Civil War,” Society for U.S. Intellectual History, Nashville, Tennessee (Oct. 2021).
  • “Jefferson was Wrong: There are no Natural Rights,” R.A.W. Graduate Conference, University of Texas-Dallas, Richardson, Texas (March 2020) .
  • “How Property Rights Solve the Problem of Confederate Monuments,” R.A.W. Graduate Conference, University of Texas-Dallas, Richardson, Texas (Feb. 2020).
  • “Insane Tongues of War Talk: Bob Dylan and the 1960s Antiwar Movement,” 10th Annual Texas A&M History Conference, College Station, Texas. (April 2019).
  • “Jewish Anarchism in Modern America: The Lives and Politics of Bob Dylan, Murray Rothbard, and Woody Allen,” Libertarian Scholars Conference, The King’s College, New York (Oct. 2018).

Essays (Web)